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Pipe Stress Analysis with Caesar II

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This foundation level course for engineers and Piping system designers reviews the key areas associated with the design of piping systems for oil and gas facilities. The course is focused on four areas: codes and standards, pipe materials and manufacture, piping components, and piping layout and design. Applicable piping codes for oil and gas facilities (ISO, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, etc.)

Course Content:
• Pipe materials and manufacturing
• Pipe Fittings, Flange Basics, Valves and Actuators
• Piping Codes and standards (ANSI/ASME, API, ISO)
• Understanding and interpreting of Piping and Instrumentation diagrams(P&ID)
• Developing Equipment Layout, Piping Arrangement, Sections, and Elevations Drawings
• Developing and extracting Isometrics Drawings of Piping Systems
• Basic pipe stress analysis methods
• Line sizing basics (single phase and multiphase flow)
• Pipe and valve material selection
• Manifolds, headers, and flare/vent systems
• Operations and maintenance considerations of Piping facilities
• GENERAL: SOFTWARE: Pipe Drafting and Design using AutoCAD
• DEPARTMENTAL SOFTWARE:3D Modelling of Piping Systems using PDMS

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