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Instrumentation & control engineering design


This course applies fundamental instrumentation and control engineering principles to oil and gas facilities design. Field measurement devices including level, pressure, temperature, and flow.
• Participants would be equipped with knowledge of final elements and actuators including control loops, control valves, shutdown valves, actuators, transducers, pressure relief and pressure regulation
• How to document instrumentation including tag numbers, P&IDs, loop and logic diagrams alongside interpretation of P&IDs
• Process control basics with emphasis on control loops, types, strategies, and loop tuning
• How programmable logic controllers operate, their advantages, application, functionality, architecture, and programming.
• Risk mitigation, technologies, and architecture of Safety Instrumented Systems(SIS)
• The best practices for hazardous areas and equipment selection which will include area classification, equipment protection, selection, certification, location, and ingress.

Course Content:
• Hazardous area and equipment selection
• P&IDs (Instrumentation and Controls contribution to P&ID)
• Control system block diagrams (DCS, SSDS, ESS, block diagrams)
• Chemical/hydraulic tubing/cable block diagrams
• Instrument datasheets and SAFE charts
• Process safeguarding flow schemes (process safety flow diagrams)
• Process control cause & Effect Charts
• Fire and Gas Cause & Effect Diagrams
• Wiring diagrams, loop diagrams, Fire and Gas Location drawings
• Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Analysis
• Cable Schedule & Tubing Schedule
• Junction Box Fabrication Diagrams
• Instrumentation oriented AutoCAD Training
• In TOOLS Software Training.

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