Fundamentals of Structural Enginering Design​

Fundamentals of Structural Engineering Design

Course Overview

The foundation level course for Structural Engineers and designers reviews the key areas associated with the design of Onshore and Offshore structures for oil and gas facilities.

Course Content

• Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and other Structures
• Dead Loads, Wind Loads and Live loads
• Structural Design Criteria, Analysis and Procedures
• In-service and Pre-service Analysis
• Structural Framing Systems
• Combination of Framing Systems
• Foundation Design Requirements
• Structural Concrete
• Blast analysis with AISC, API, and DNV codes using SACS
• Structural Calculation according to AISC.
• Sea fastening Design using DNV, NOBLE DENTON.
• Lifting Analyses using API RP 2A and DNV.
• Overview of Fixed Platform, Topsides, Substructures and piles
• Structural drawings
• Offshore and onshore industry related guidelines, codes and regulations
• Preliminary Sizing of Jackets, Tubular Code Check
• Preparation of design basis
• Structural Design oriented AutoCAD Training
• Structural Design using STAADpro

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